Skylark AV AR

Skylark AV AR

January 30, 2019 0

Augmented Reality Marketing:

Skylark AV tasked us with creating a mobile marking augmented reality application utilizing Vuforia SDK, Unity3D Engine, and Prosperworks API. The mission was to add digital engagement, something for the visitor to do, and a way to bring the user back each day of the show.

The Approach:

The approach was three-fold: Incentivize, Engage, and Retain. Skylark had augmented their trade space by utilizing the target image (the origami bird) on their hanging displays as well as the ‘booth.’ They had also printed up a bunch of shirts and water bottles. With iPads in hand they set out to grab passers by to checkout the experience. After having fun with the birds the user is prompted to enter to win a new, in the box iPad.

The Payoff:

The trade show was a total success! People were walking around in Skylark t-shirts the whole weekend and everyone was downloading the app to checkout the different experiences with the origami birds. All entries were funneled into the client’s prosperworks account to allow for customer retention and further marketing engagements.

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