Kuka Robotics

Kuka Robotics

September 10, 2019 0

Augmented Reality Sales:

Kuka Robotics came to us with a need to show off their incredible robotic arm systems without having to carry around literal tons of equipment. Utilizing Unity3D, Vuforia, and some custom scaling geometry we were able to save Kuka ton of cash from having to move tons of robots.

The Approach:

The problem with most things in life are relative, but in our case it was literal. In order to get Kuka’s robotic arms to real world scale we need a relative scale not only in our 3D space but also relative scale among themselves.

After having established a relative scale among the arms to the pedestal image target being used; the client requested that the arms could be scaled. This was tricky as we were constrained to not make them too small or too large.

The Payoff:

In the end we were able to allow the Kuka Showman to demonstrate multiple robotic arm solutions while giving more room to other display information. We were able to cut down shipping expenses and allowed for quick distribution of product information from within the application.

-Kuka Robotics