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Penetration Testing and Incident Response:

SDS Global’s Incident response team’s specialize in manual penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. Due to our team’s being part of our standard development process we are a perfect fit for companies needing either Static or Dynamic Application Security Testing or Fuzzing.


Penetration Testing:

Security is not an after-thought! We offer both on-site and remote pen tests, utilizing top of the line open source and proprietary vulnerability scanning and analysis tools in conjunction with certified, field tested, security engineers to create a data-driven vulnerability assessment and remediation plan. 

We believe that the best security comes from training, and so our remediation reports are not just technical specifications and patching notes, but focuses on training the core human components in relation to each finding. This gives management a ranked and organized set of training notes for each department.


Red Teaming:

For those clients that are in need for more than a one time thread analysis, SDS Global offers a dedicated Red Team to act as an Advanced Persistent Threat either for continued analysis and threat mitigation; or to play against a client’s Blue Team. 

Red Team Services are not for all clients, but if you have already been affected by data loss, server DoS’ing, or cyber intrusion this might be exactly what you’re looking for.


Application Fuzzing:

Whether your application is already developed and deployed, or still in the planning phase it’s never a bad time to put your source code and application binaries through the wringer with Application Fuzzing. We work closely with existing 1st and 3rd party development teams in order to guarantee data integrity and application security. 

SDS offers a wide range of Fuzzing services from a variety of perspectives: White, Grey and Black box testing of applications, Automated and Manual testing and review of source code, and Automated and Manual Binary Auditing.


Information Security Consulting:

Say you need someone to consult on a project where security in concerned? Look no further! Our certified engineers can be white labeled right into your team and act on behalf of the client’s information security needs.

We off services ranging from conference calls and compliance considerations, to source review for 3rd party development teams we have the skilled technicians ready to help your project.


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