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Custom Software Development

SDS Global has a dedicated team of in-house and trusted remote, U.S. based developers. Our team is security focused and everyone from the Q.A. team to the Project Manager has at least 2 years in information security and auditing.


What is Augmented Reality? 

Augmented Reality describes the capability of displaying digital content anchored to real-world sensory information such as a sound or song, an image or poster, a geographical location or even just a flat surface.

Utilizing your customer’s mobile device Augmented Reality can bring direct digital engagement and tie your marketing campaigns together by showing multimedia content on, in or over your existing print and online marketing materials.

Our development team specializes in Augmented and Virtual Reality development. Utilizing Google’s ARCore, Apple’s ARKit, Vuforia SDK’s and Unreal and Unity Game development engines. 


What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality allows for total immersion in user interaction. Utilizing a stereoscopic headset or motion controllers and room tracking; Virtual Reality puts the user directly in the middle of the action.The user can control where they look, where they move and manipulate objects in the virtual world.

Virtual Reality allows the unique possibility of allowing your customers full immersion and interaction for education, simulation and training. This technology has finally bridged the gap into acceptable use and there are thousands of games already on the market utilizing a Virtual Reality Headset.


Mobile Development:


Mobile development has become the mainstay of the modern software studio. Even as our target audiences get younger, the older generations embrace Amazon and Google more and more everyday. Our developers are expert mobile native developers for the iOS and Android platforms.

We understand the mixed market of the current digital environment. Everything must be responsive and work on desktop’s, tablets and various sized phone screens. All of this must not only be seamless, but it must also be secure!



Internet of Things (IoT):

Our hardware specialist aren’t only awesome at making NFC cloners and bluetooth jackers; they are great building custom hardware to allow for capturing marketing and customer flow information, access to other hardware such as kiosks or smart devices.

We develop smart home integration supporting Google Home and Amazon Alexa as well as any other Smart Home SDK compliant device. However we specialize in custom development of hardware to work with existing hardware and machine platforms. We have developed several Augmented Reality / IoT systems including mobile/voice controlled water features. 



Security in Mind:

Over the last five years the number of security related information leaks have reached every sector. The cost of losing your data is far greater than the cost of keeping your applications and databases are secure. However every year there is another loss related to poor employee training, out of date systems, and insecure applications. 

Our teams develop with security in mind, but if you have an existing project that needs tested for compliance for customer assurance we can help you there too. Sleep soundly knowing your data is secure!

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